Tuesday, 10 January 2012


For just over 2 years I had been only occasionally trying out the video feature, but I was still having trouble making it keep the settings I wanted it to be shooting at, I'd previously looked online to see how to do this and had found a tutorial on how to sort of trick the camera into keeping the aperture you wanted but locking the exposure but this was a bit hit and miss because it depended on the lighting conditions not being too light as the iso and shutter speed would adjust themselves accordingly - this had always put me off doing much filming before.. I had started to see more and more people producing amazing footage with it and I could see they must have learnt how to make the camera use the exposure settings they wanted!
It wasn't until I saw my friends at Allora Visuals filming that I realised they had full control over the exposure settings and  quickly realised I'd been using the original firmware system for the camera still and had missed a couple of updates which had vastly improved the video capacities.. Definitely felt pretty silly about that but it did really lift my resistance to experimenting with video and it was also nice to know the stunning work I'd seen other producing with these cameras would be a lot more achievable for me now!

This post probably isn't very relevant anymore as most Canon 5D MkII's bought after the firmware update will be installed with a more recent version but it explains the main reason it took me so long to get onto the moving image bandwagon!

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