Thursday, 5 January 2012


When I first saw the announcements for the Canon 5D MkII I could tell this camera would be a game changer in the digital photography scene, however I thought the changes that would make the most impact to mine and other photographers workflows would be the improvements made to noise reduction on high iso images and also the 21mp resolution.
Most photographers I heard talking about the video feature thought it would be more of a novelty feature and some of my friends who work in the moving image industry already didn't have much faith in their ability to compete with the existing purpose built video cameras.
It's amazing how much we underestimated the changes the addition of video capabilities to the SLR would make!

I bought the 5D MkII shortly after it was released and was very impressed by the quality and performance it gave. After a while I experimented a bit with the video but with mixed results... at the time there wasn't much instruction to be found online about how to use the video features so there was quite a lot of trial and error involved in learning how to use it, in this blog I will be writing about my continuing experiences about my explorations into the moving imagery world, I will be posting about the different issues I came up with and the solutions I found (some very basic so the more technically adept of you skip these posts if you want!), I'll be uploading some of the videos I've done and linking to resources I've found useful and others work that has inspired me!

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